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VMworld 2021 must watch sessions

The VMworld 2021 catalog is online and here are some of the EUC sessions you don’t want to miss!

The first session I recommend you should watch is all about our EUC Vision and announcements on how we move forward with the Anywhere Workspace solution:

Next Year’s News: EUC’s Vision and Announcements with CTO Shawn Bass [EUS2470]

Shawn Bass, CTO for VMware EUC, shares all of the announcements for VMware Workspace ONE and Horizon at VMworld 2021, and shows how they are enriched by our broader Anywhere Workspace solution.

Learn about how VMware innovates for now and the future with Shawn Bass:

Now, Next, and Beyond: Innovation Showcase with VMware EUC CTO Shawn Bass [EUS2467]

Shawn Bass, CTO for VMware EUC, gives a closer look at the new innovations in Workspace ONE, Horizon, and Anywhere Workspace. Learn how VMware thinks about the future of technology for end-user computing, Zero Trust security, and distributed work.

One of the cool things we do around End User Computing is bringing Virtual Reality closer to your business. Want to learn how? Check out this session:

Deploy NVIDIA CloudXR with VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub [EUS1658]

Learn how VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub and NVIDIA CloudXR allow you to manage and deliver high-fidelity immersive experiences to mobile devices in your enterprise. CloudXR is NVIDIA’s solution for streaming virtual and augmented reality (XR) from any OpenVR application on a remote server to a client device, such as a VR head-mounted display or a tablet. We will cover the architecture of the Workspace ONE XR Hub and CloudXR software stack and several use cases with details on how to set up the solution. We will discuss how CloudXR leverages NVIDIA’s streaming optimization tools to provide the highest image quality and lowest perceived latency.

And then, last but definitely not least, Johan Van Amersfoort will do an incredibly cool demo, together with CTO Jon Towles. I won’t say too much but you will not be disappointed 🙂

VDI Nerdfest 2021: Demos That Make Admins Drool

At VMworld 2020, Johan Van Amersfoort presented The Nerdfest VDI Demo which blew the audience away because of the great demos which involved Horizon, Bitfusion, GPUs, ML, etc. The Nerdfest VDI Demo was an enormous success and deserves a 2021 edition. For The Nerdfest EUC Demo, Johan has teamed up with mobility expert Jon Towles to bring you a next-level, demo-packed session that will combine the slick Day 0/1 onboarding experience, with some custom-built Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub Virtual Assistant (AVA) workflows, and integration into VMware Horizon for modern managed, full clone desktops.

Jon Towles, CTO, Synterex

Johan Van Amersfoort, Technologist EUC, ITQ

Hope to see you there!

New year, New job

This year I am coming up to a 4 year tenure at VMware, I started out as a Graduate in Cork, Ireland and in 2019 I moved back to the Netherlands to join the Field Solution Engineering team. In these past years I always had a special curiosity in the Digital Workspace and was named Subject Matter Expert in this field.

Now during the pandemic most of us need to Work From Home and if you need some insights you can check out my blogpost about it. But if anything it has showed up that the Digital Workspace is more important than ever. As I always had great interest in the Digital Workspace and the importance of it nowadays, I decided to join the Digital Workspace Business Unit within VMware.

I am very happy with this opportunity and expect some Digital Workspace related blogposts this year!

VMware Announces Intent to Acquire Nyansa

On 21st January 2020, VMware announced its intend to acquire Nyansa (“knee-ans-sah”) . This announcement does not completely come out of thin air, as it part of the vision VMware announced back in January 2019:

Revolutionising SD-WAN with Network Edge

Network Edge connects and enables critical functions where the customer requirements for transformation reside — at the Edge of the Enterprise — at the branch, in the cloud, and in the data center..’

With this acquisition, VMware keeps building on its belief that SD-WAN has unlimited potential in supporting technological advancements in the networking world.

So, who is Nyansa?

We’re Nyansa (“knee-ann sah”). It’s a word from the Akan language spoken in Ghana that means wisdom from learning. Go figure. Engineers named the company, what do you expect?

Yeah we’re weird––but wonderfully humble. Unlike a lot of folks, we don’t think of ourselves more highly than we ought, but we ARE wickedly smart.

We dig data, I mean REALLY dig. It’s as simple as that. We have a bunch of PhDs from MIT, and MBA types from Harvard, Cisco/Meraki, Aruba Networks, Google guys and so on and so forth. And we’re as diverse as diverse gets. Despite all that, our geeks know how to code, right, the first time, every time. And it shows. We hope.

“The acquisition of Nyansa will accelerate VMware’s delivery of end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities for LAN/WAN deployments within our industry-leading SD-WAN solution,” Sanjay Uppal, VP and GM of VMware’s VeloCloud Business Unit. “Nyansa is a proven solution that solves many of the shortcomings of today’s vendor-specific solutions.”

As you can read, VMware keeps investing in technology to suit their customers and give them the best possible products. And with this acquisition, VMware keeps building towards a better and true SDDC (Software Defined Datacenter).

Additional resources to read:

Diary of a Solution Engineer – Remi Schipperus

My name is Remi Schipperus and I am a VMware Solution Engineer for Healthcare & Education in The Netherlands. Two years ago, I completed my Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I was ready for a challenge, and the borders of my home country could not stop me. Joining VMware’s Graduate Academy program was the perfect decision! Fast forward and I am working in the field, in my home country meeting customers every week and speaking at events.

With each day bringing new challenges, being in the field can be a tough but also a very satisfying role, allow me to share with you my diary of a typical week.

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VMware Sales Academy 2017 Spotlight Series – Remi Schipperus

When I started at VMware in Cork, Ireland, I wrote a blog to share why I joined VMware.

I’ve always been interested in technology and helping people with technical problems. After working part-time in sales and finishing my Electrical Engineering Degree, I wanted to combine both my technical knowledge and the sales experience. Making the decision to enter the SE Sales Academy was easy because it combines both at a company that is on the edge of technology.

Remi Schipperus

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